Managed Security Services

CAB3 defends your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats.

Information Security


We analyze and review the infrastructure vulnerabilities and exploit common cyber threat area.


We managed day to day network operations either on-prem or the cloud.


We promptly remediate and patch the threats effectively to minimize exposure.

Managed Security Service Provider

When cyber security is of the utmost concern to your business, you have to know you’re consistently protected. CAB3’s  Advanced Security provides a dedicated team to monitor your security 24/7/365. Security incidents are logged, concerns remediated, and you stay informed. Even the best designed cyber security plans can fail if not properly implemented or if one element falls short. Our security experts will perform a thorough assessment of your security infrastructure to determine where you are vulnerable and offer solutions to address those vulnerabilities. We are there to provide peace of mind.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Integrated process to collecting information on critical processes, threats and assess the risk.

Security Process Design

People. Process & Technology.

Penetration Testing

Brute force tactics and stress testing the environment.

Network Security Monitoring

Traffic analysis and reporting to eliminate breaches.